Wednesday, March 27, 2013

As far as the actual installation is concerned.  I have thought about cutting out circles and installing those on the walls to see what happens with that.  I have also thought about the possibility of stretching fabric around the circles that are on the wall.  I've also thought about constructing and putting together a large installation of forms that mimic the shapes of Necrotic tissues and mold to create this organic area where the projections will be cast.  Here are a couple images that I've looked at for installing somthing on the wall. 

Images for 3 animations.

Okay... so here are some of the images that I've been using to make the animations. 

I am really tweaking the colors of the paintings to tranform them in after effects.  I'm finding great use of the color adjustment layers and layers for adjusting contrast and brightness.   I am also looking into the possible projections of these things onto panels that I am going to be cutting into circles and installing on the wall.  There is the potential that these installations

I am also going to be looking into possible creating floating circles on the

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

So, over the weekend I've been thinking about my animations.  I'm starting to get excited whether there is going to be any fractals or not.   I really want to get into After Effects and play and learn this software and see what happens.  I have learned that rendering fractals takes FOREVER!  So... It is good time for me to figure out how to set up my digital hard drive so I can work my bum off on the stuff.    Here are some images of what's happening.  I AM LOVING THE FILM BURN and the Window wipe in After effects.   It's so awesome.

I hope I can get the project to render.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


More information on the tone and imagery reference

More info on the tone of my final project might be better relayed if we were to present some videos that might give you ideas about some of the sensibilities and aesthetics I am using.  If you look in the initial part of this video you will see the juxtaposing and layering of imagery of the human body along with abstract floating bubbles etc.  I really like the way the pipilotti rist projects these videos so large that they become environments.

I also am a big fan of the way Yayoi Kusama creates environments using polka dots and then hangin actual polka dots within the space.


although I don't care for the up and down striations of stuff.  I do like the projections and the way they are animated with the music.   Very fucking cool!!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Final Project (OVERVIEW)

Elevator Line: For my final project, I would like generate (infinite and organic) fractals digitally using mathematical equations and fractal generating software, layer them with images from my paintings as fractal textures and then animate them (in sync with digital/analog music) into a very dynamic video installation using the after effects software.

Theme: The fractal is an image that is generated through a scientific/mathematical approach and is mapped out using various equations.  The fractal is composed of numerous cells identical to itself and is congruently the essential make up and composition for everything (both organic and concrete) in the universe.  Through the work, I intend to expose the ideas of humans as infinitely small parts of a greater whole.  But, also place emphasis on the necessity as humans as part of the equation. Moreover,  through the hypnotic and transient nature of the animation, I would like to encourage the idea of our daily reality as only a small iota in the make up of possible altered states of consciousness (and higher awareness).

Explanation of Tone and Execution: 
 Creating various formulas, I would like to generate these images digitally through the use of free (or CHEAP) fractal generating software and then animate these items with zooming in, dissolve, masking and creating projections as well as overlaying some of the images from my paintings into the animations as fractal textures.  This will link my analog work into the piece.  I am also entertaining the idea of consecutive shots of the evolution of my works (as a building up) in the initial 28 seconds of the piece.

I would like the piece to seem more like a projection, or video installation, and less like a film or something to be watched on a computer or television screen.  I would like to employ the use of two way mirrors to refract the imagery directly from the projectors into an installation space (and/or floating screens made from various sheer materials) to create an environment for the viewer to experience.   At a more literal (flat panel viewing), the piece will seem fragmented at points.  I will move inward on fractals for long shots (up to 8 seconds) then quickly dissolve and dynamically introduce an explosion like projection (in sync with the music). There will be moments when the entire screen goes completely blank for up to a couple seconds as well.  I also plan on using masks throughout most of the piece so the rectangular "format" is not a part of this.  I reject the ideas and usage of rectangles as well as the ideas of boxes and frames.  I am interested in the  relationships of mathematical and scientific equations to the organic.  Congruently, I would like the imagery to be linked to the wavelengths of the music in After Effects.  So, in theory, as the vibes of deeper bass are heard a shaking or distubance (blur or other action) will occur in the visual aspect of the video.

Explanation of Objective:
To create a dreamy subdued environment (laden with connections of science and nature) for viewers to experience a heightened sense of reality similar to that which artists often experience while they are making work or people experience sometimes when using good quality hallucinogenic substances or deprived of sleep. 

Target Audience
I think that anyone who truly understands what a fractal is (in a mathematical sense and not just because they have seen fractal generators in animation software) will love the piece. I think it will amuse those who are interested in art and art that is reflective of science, organic formations and disease.  The age demographic of my audience is more than likely 20-50, but the work might be attractive to art lovers or scientists of an older age, and some kids might enjoy the installation as well, but probably not for very long.

Shot by Shot Storyboard:
I would like to possibly start the initial 28 second part of the video by animating a time elapse motion building up of one of my paintings, and then (as the musical intro erupts) I would introduce the firework like eruptions of organic shots from the paintings... which will dissolve into the fractal animations.   I also am thinking of doing some motion video of swirling milk dye and salt in a petri dish for part of the video. 

Here are a couple of selection of music that I have selected for the pieces.   They are very outerspace like. The first one is called "Shooting Stars" and the only lyric is "ALL WE ARE IS SHOOTING STARS" which I like, because it celebrates drug use and the look over boundaries of what is real into a dreamy state of other consciousness.

and I also like these as well.... this one is called "web"

and this one is called "Nuclear Creatures"

Final Project (revised ideas)

Okay,  so, since I don't really want to take any moral ground "for" or "against" addiction.   I have been doing some more research over the spring break.   I have become quite enamored with fractals.

Wikipedia (a highly valued source in the academic world) defines fractals thus:

fractal is a mathematical set that has a fractal dimension that usually exceeds its topological dimension[1] and may fall between the integers.[2]Fractals are typically self-similar patterns, where self-similar means they are "the same from near as from far".[3] Fractals may be exactly the same at every scale, or, as illustrated in Figure 1, they may be nearly the same at different scales.[2][4][5][6] The definition of fractal goes beyond self-similarity per se to exclude trivial self-similarity and include the idea of a detailed patternrepeating itself

And, this shit doesn't really make much sense, but in reality, a fractal is this infinite structure that is composed of smaller "selfs" infinitely.  Thus, the whole universe is composed of fractals.  It is the numeric divisibility of the organic world based on mathematics and complex integers.  If you still don't get it.  This video is a great resource, and is a totally fucking great watch from the 1990's (before you were born).

Okay,   Check this video out.  Perhaps that will help

If not, then there is also this really long video that discusses in length the ideas of a relationship between equations and the organic.  It's really heady and cool stuff.  This video is from Arthur Clarke.  Skip through it if you like:

But none of this is really necessary unless you are interested in how they were discovered.  The truth and uniqueness about the fractal is that it can be changed by applying and filling in different formulas and equations. There are MANY MANY MANY animations that deal with the fractal and most of them apply the formula into an image (the amazing thing about the fractal imagery) and then the animation zooms (seemingly endlessly) into the image that is created from the numeric equation that is generated.   Here are some examples of that.

Monday, March 4, 2013


My concept for grad school is loosely based on ideas of seduction and temptation.  More specifically, it deals with the lures of addiction through visual stimulus or "triggers."  The paintings that I have been making recall the workings of microscopic photography about disease, which I have made to tie to addiction.  I am linking addiction to disease and using the microscopic imagery as my source for context to present the viewer.

I would like to continue to work with the projections of the organic forms from my paintings and also incorporate actual live footage of the process of making the paintings.  In between shots I would like to add flashing imagery in between of people trying to tempt the viewer either sexually (licking lips and winking, etc), offering candy,  eating indulgent foods, and through the use of drugs, cigarettes or drinking. 

I think the overall feel of the picture to seem a little disconnected, stream of conscious, and even a little jerky.  I would like the picture to seem surreal, reminiscent of some of the Maya Derrin and Salvador Dali work early in the 20th century.  I think the imagery would be somewhat dark, yet humorous, like something that you might see in the works of John Waters.