Monday, May 6, 2013

Xtra Credit

Extra Credit


Rich King is a 42 year old scientist that studies the migration of fish like the oopu alomo’o and hanalau’akula.  He grew up in middle Arkansas and graduated with a class of 12 people.  He likes fishing and outdoor gaming.

Anne Russ is a middle aged wife and mother of 2.  She is the pastor at the first Presbyterian church in Lexington ky.  She secretly loves show tunes and often plays and sings loudly when nooone is around.

Alexandria Monroe is a bodacious an lively 22 year old red head from Colorado whose mother died at an early age from Cancer. Alex raises thousands of dollars every year spearheading car washes t shirt sales and the likes.

Gary West is a 22 year old platinum blonde gay man who works as a warden in a womens prison.  He is tall thin and lanky, and although he acts to be very stern at the prison (and thinks noone knows he is gay)  All the women know and he is quite the flamer outside of work

Derek Burgess is a 35 year old bass player and beach bum.  He lives in Chorpus Christi Texas and enjoys Mickey’s big mouth malt liquor

Shelia smotherman is a 22 year old art student living in Middle Tennessee.  She enjoys gaming and the Ramones and likes to think that she is a secret nerd.

Angelica Villiano is a 46 year old drag queen.  By day she runs a liquor warehouse and skims some off the top now and then.  Her hair varies as does her body weight from average to thin.

Scott Jeffries is a 42 year old country guitarist and die hard republican man working and living in Nashville Tennessee.  He is 6’ blonde, muscular and popular with the ladies. When he is not on tour he likes 

Lisa Sligher is a 19 year old tomboy-ish girl who likes to ride motorcycles and listen to ACDC .  she is 5’7 has dark thin black hair that is often streaked with different colors

Meegan Pattel is a 31 year old hopeless romantic single woman who works for her father in the Sitar Indian Food restaurant in midtown manhattan. She is 5’3 100 pounds and likes to wear floral prints and gold jewelry.  She hopes to meet a man someday soon.

Petey “Peppers” Johnson is an eccentric middle aged gay man living in Hollywood California.  He grew up on a remote island in the mediterannean.  He often has several sex partners and is in the company of men 100 percent of the time he is not  working as a casting agent.
Geena Rudolf is a 19 year old fiddle player from the backwoods of west Virginia.  She is 5’11” 118, black hair, she loves to wear white (almost wedding like) dresses and was home schooled.

Anabeth Qualls is a 43 year old mother of 3 living in midtown Memphis.  She is 5’11” has shoulder length black hair and was president of her high school class. She works as a director for disease control in Washington D.c and is a graduate of Rhodes College.  She

Rus Copeland is a 23 year old art student at Watkins College in Nashville Tennessee.  He is 6’3” and 285 pounds and has long bush brown hair. He has worked for a famous tattoo artist and makes tie dye when he isn’t playing in his electronica rock band.

Donnie Patrick is a 43 works at a bike shop in lower east side manhattan.  He recently lost 40 pounds, wears glasses and likes to smoke cigars.  He won’t admit it, but several have seen him hanging out by the leather bar on the weekends.

Debbie Smilkstein is a 53 year old single jewish woman and mother of two.  She is 5’6” and 120 pounds.  She has curly frosted brown hair and love the theater.  She sings jazz in a nightclub down in the village on Thursdays and hangs out with her family at the deli during the afternoons.

Chico Brooks is a 41 year old glass artist living in Seattle. His mother is from Mexico and his father grew up in south texas.  He is very fit  with several tattoos and loves to go sailing on weekends.

“Daddy” Don Richards is an 58 year old Xtube porn star that has recently built his own website.  He engages in intercourse with amateurs who wish to star in a video while his husband video tapes the performances.  Since building their own website.  They have developed quite the following. He and Kiddy Cub Joseph like to travel to Australia for the Gay Mardi Gras in March.  Daddy Don is 5’10” 255 pounds with a full beard and lots of body hair.  Kiddy Cub Joseph is 42, 6’4” and weighs 260 pounds.  He is shaved bald and sometimes has a reddish brown goatee.

Beccy Belford is a wealthy 27 year old with brown hair and brown eyes.  She is a perfect 36 26 36, and drives a brand new pink Mercedes convertible.  She has a white poodle named snowflake that lkes to ride shotgun.

Darby Campbell is a 28 year old band photographer from milwakee Wisconsin.  She is 5’10 , 138 pounds.  She has bright blue eyes and coal black hair.   She is an all American girl. 

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