Monday, May 6, 2013

Final Project.

this has been a fun and interesting class.  I can honestly say that i was challenged far beyond my comfort zone and through lots of hard work I have learned a lot more than I thought possible.  In all that i have learned, I also realize that there is so much that i do not know, even with the After Effects software.  It is amazing the development that must go into programs like that and Photoshop (another program that i was forced to learn in order to be successful in this class.  I have struggled a lot and been frustrated (a lot too), but hard work does pay off eventually.  Most of all, I have really just enjoyed the chance to play and make art.

Here is my final project.  It still could use some tweaks here and there, but overall.  I'm pretty satisfied with my results.  Thanks Jill... You rock!

Final Green-Vimeo HD Encode from Thomas Green on Vimeo.

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